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childs aid

childs aid started this conversation
Hert open in effort to aid child of horrific situations
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_Layla   in reply to childs aid
Hey, is this a baby girl I have girl clothing and shoes still with tags on them also have these. Please let me know if u can use them.
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childs aid
Asking people to open hearts to aid children of the most horrific situations if everyone that reads this will simply donate $1 its endless in the aid we can give
A yound lady 18 sole provider for her 10 year old sister and newborn child she is a college student and works but checks barely cover the cost of the single room apartment they are forced to live in while she waits on a list for housing assistance that is two years long and tho they barely get by she still won't give up and strives to make a better life for her and the 2 children again even a single dollar will help clothes toys anything would be greatly appreciated please contact me for info.
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